What is fencexercise?
Quite simply, fencing, combined with exercise. The fencing is performed with an epee (based on the duelling sword), which you will be taught how to use.
The exercise consists of a programme to improve the dynamic speed for fencing, for general sport, and for health.
All aspects of this training will help you to perform every necessary skill and movement, faster and more efficiently. The successful performance of a fencer/athlete depends largely on an ability to react quickly, and to change speed and direction at a moment's notice.

Fencing Epee at Fencexercise WirralThe minimum age is twelve years old. If a younger person really wants to join, then exceptions may sometimes be made, and the parent/s will be strongly encouraged to join (which makes it a family activity and is better than just watching).

The cost for non beginners to fence and exercise at The Oval sports hall on a Wednesday is £5 per adult, £3 if under eighteen.

For more information email: info@fencexerise.co.uk or visit our sister club website Swords Fencing Club
Coaching takes place at the Bebington Oval.


Beginners Courses

We run courses with our sister club Swords Fencing Club throughout the year.
Visit the Swords website for more information and to book your place.

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