About Fencexercise

What is Fencexercise?
Quite simply, fencing, combined with exercise.
 The fencing is performed with an epee (based on the duelling sword), which you will be taught how to use.
The exercise consists of a programme to improve the dynamic speed for fencing, for general sport, and for health. All aspects of this training will help you to perform every necessary skill and movement, faster and more efficiently.
The successful performance of a fencer/athlete depends largely on an ability to react quickly, and to change speed and direction at a moment’s notice.
Fencing consists of constant low level activity, interspersed with intense, intermittent bursts of dynamic action. Fencexercise will not only improve your ability to perform these actions, it will also give you the capacity to do so repetitively.

When you start fencexercise, the main aim is to make you a better, healthier, faster and more explosive fencer/athlete.
The methods are simple, but effective.
The will to succeed has to come from you. It does not matter if you cannot fence, we will teach you.

If you feel completely out of shape, we will help you. All we want from you is a determination to improve.
Fencexercise is committed to fencing (epee only), and exercise. The exercise will be based on sprint training. Sprint training is a high intensity exercise that aids most sports people, but particularly aids the fencer, with its development of foot speed, leg strength, combination of arm movement with leg movement, explosiveness, acceleration and conditioning.

Those fencers who move the fastest, generally win.

Coaching session Fencexercise (fencing and exercise) will be held indoors, in The Oval (Bebington) main hall on a Wednesday, 8pm -10pm.
Beginners fencing equipment will be provided by the club, however, after completing a beginners course, members will be expected to provide their own fencing equipment within two months.
Please contact us for details of basic equipment costs.

Fencexercise (track work only) will take place outdoors, on a Tuesday, at The Oval athletics track, Bebington, (depending on availability) between 7pm - 8pm, spring through to autumn.
Track work in the winter months will be indoors, and form part of the Wednesday fencing and exercise sessions. If sufficient interest is shown, then a separate, one hour, indoor track session, will be organised for a Tuesday, 7pm – 8pm, during the winter months.

The minimum age is twelve years old. If a younger person (nine to eleven years old) really wants to join, then exceptions may sometimes be made, and the parent/s will be strongly encouraged to join (which makes it a family activity and is better than just watching).

When we run a beginners course, the cost will be £35 per person (but see details of particular courses for special offers) for a five week course (Wednesday, 8pm - 9pm). The course will teach basic footwork and conditioning, the concepts of manoeuvring with an opponent on the fencing strip, how to use the sword, and how to attack and defend using the sword. You will also learn about the rules, etiquette, and equipment used in fencing.

The cost for non beginners to fence and exercise at The Oval sports hall on a Wednesday is £5 per adult, £3 if under eighteen. The cost to use the track on a Tuesday is £3.50 per adult, £2.50 if under eighteen.
A typical week for a follower of fencexercise could be:
Tuesday (spring – autumn): track work (an important part of fencexercise, this is where a large part of the development of speed and endurance will take place). Wednesday: conditioning, exercise, footwork, coaching, bouting (all essential for fencing and fitness).
Thursday: a visit to our sister club (Swords Fencing Club, Wallasey) for lighter conditioning, bouting.
Any combination of the above could also be undertaken.

The mission of fencexercise is to provide a safe and positive environment where the fencer/athlete can develop. We promote the values of fair play, respect for other people and responsibility for your actions.